Update for the long time out

This is a much needed update. We are still working on the Orchestra Of The Obscure EP, getting all the kinks worked out. Since Jules left we've all had some major personal changes in our lives that had to be addressed, but soon we'll be kicking right back into gear! I know, I know, we keep saying soon, but we can't offer you a definite date yet.

Thank you all so much for your patience

Lineup change and temporary breakFebruary 3, 2013

Jules Livewire has left Marsana to pursue another interest. Go check out his new band Goldboot. They're a groovy blend of disco-funkadelic! We'll be taking a break to figure this whole situation out. We won't be playing shows for a while, unfortunately, but more news and some old material to get fixed up is to come.

Marsana is playing the Pahrump Fall Festival / Studio updateSeptember 7, 2012

Marsana has been booked on the second night of the Pahrump Fall Festival, we'll be playing at 10:30 PM so you'll have plenty of time to make the drive out to Pahrump and hang out. Tons of other good bands playing, so come on out and support! Some other shows were added to our calendar as well.

Studio update: We've started recording our new EP Orchestra Of The Obscure, more info on the tracklisting and such coming soon, stay tuned.

Keep on the lookout for a new release, coming shows, mini-tour...July 5, 2012

There are 4 songs in the works for an all-new release coming to you, only, at the moment we can only show you these songs live – which brings us to another point: we have about five or six shows in the works for the coming months, so we'll be sure to add them to our calendar and inform you as best we can. We also have, as well, a mini-tour in planning stages, so stay tuned, we'll be keeping you updated through the various sites we operate.

Also, we added a video of our song Separate Sides Of The Shore recorded by the folks at Cheyenne Saloon a while back to our media section of the site.

Marsana website upJuly 2, 2012

This website will be a source for videos, music, news, etc. for us, Marsana! No new videos or music with the release of this website, but this home page will let you know of any big news you might want to know about. Thanks for taking the time, hope to see you at a show soon.

Album When Words Hold No Meaning now free!June 24, 2012

Yes that's correct, our 8-track album "When Words Hold No Meaning" is now available for free digital download from our bandcamp in a ridiculous amount of formats, so go give it a download, spread the link around, tell your friends, if you like us.

Thanks so much.

Click here to listen/download...